PatientDirect offers a media-rich user experience, built with responsive design principles, ensuring that all content is delivered effectively regardless of which digital devices your key targets are using.
Clear communication is paramount when serving important treatment guidelines to patients. We aim to make your target professionals better communicators, thereby strengthening your brand, and ultimately serving patients.
At PatientDirect, we understand that as patients and caregivers become more involved in their treatment options, enhanced dialogue is even more crucial to generate positive patient outcomes.
PatientDirect programs focus on enhancing and improving the dialogue between the healthcare professional, the patient, and their caregivers.
PatientDirect arms healthcare professionals with the tools and resources needed to disseminate information in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

About Us

PatientDirect is part of P\S\L Group, a global organization that has been serving medical professionals for over 40 years.

We are exclusively focused on enhancing communication and “bridging the gap” between healthcare professionals, patients, and their caregivers. We offer evidence-based strategies and solutions your brands can trust. It is our mission to fulfill a growing need to increase treatment adherence amongst all stakeholders in the medical community.

Our Solutions

Our unique solutions, such as PatientConsult, consist of the creation and delivery of expert-led presentations, patient case studies, and important treatment resources.

PatientConsult is a peer-to-peer publishing platform that includes a media-rich video program. The content is focused on condition, agreed-upon therapy, and brand-HCP partnership for adherence. Established and proven mobile, online, and offline channels are used to engage your target audience with the program’s key messaging during each campaign.

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